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Find a babysitter for your children:
  • all day, evening babysitting
  • regular, irregular babysitting, au-pair
  • taking children to afternoon activities, picking them up from kindergarten
  • taking care of a sick child
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  • Andrea P.
    • 43 years
    • 6+ years of experience
    • 4.00 - 10.00 €/hour
    Svoje skusenosti mam pri mojich dvoch dcer ktore su dobre vychovane a vediem ich v rodinnom spolocnom zivote Show the profile
  • Anna K.
    • 22 years
    • without experience
    • 3.00 - 4.00 €/hour
    Na vysokej škole som absolvovala skúšky zo všeobecnej a vývinovej psychológie detí, sociálnej psychológie a pedagogiky. Show the profile
  • Lucia K.
    • 20 years
    • without experience
    • 3.50 - 9.00 €/hour
    Mám skúsenosti s opatrovaním detí, nakoľko mám mladšieho súrodenca a príbuzných, ďalej som pár mesiacov pracovala ako Au-pair v zahraničí. Som ochotná pracovať aj počas víkendov v doobedňajších hodinách.... Show the profile


Find helpers for your household:
  • cleaning the flat, house
  • regular, irregular cleaning
  • cleaning the windows, ironing, shopping
  • help with gardening, mowing
  • taking care of pets, walking the dog
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Find a tutor for children or adults:
  • regular tutoring
  • preparation for entrance exams, monitor
  • preparation for entrance interviews
  • conversation in a foreign language
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  • Petra K.
    • 24 years
    • 2 years of experience
    • 3.00 - 5.00 €/hour
    mám skúsenosti z učenia v špeciálnej škole Show the profile
  • Mária K.
    • 52 years
    • 6+ years of experience
    • 8.00 - 10.00 €/hour
    Vyučujem slovenský jazyk a dejepis uz29 rokov Show the profile
  • Miriam M.
    • 20 years
    • without experience
    • 2.00 - 4.00 €/hour
    Mám 5 sestier a každá z nich má minimálne 2 deti. Často ich opatrujem a pomáham im s domácimi úlohami a pri učení. Show the profile

Senior care

Find a carer for your elderly parents:
  • company, care and help for the seniors
  • accompaniment to the doctor
  • common help in the house
  • professional care
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  • Petra K.
    • 24 years
    • 2 years of experience
    • 3.00 - 5.00 €/hour
    mám skúsenosti zo strednej školy...bola som na praxi v domove dôchodcov aj v Nemecku Show the profile
  • Zuzana K.
    • 22 years
    • without experience
    • 100.00 - 400.00 €/hour
    Strazila som dieťa Show the profile
  • Gabriela B.
    • 22 years
    • without experience
    • 6.00 - 20.00 €/hour
    Zatial nemam skusenosti no rada sa naucim Show the profile


I have been very happy with your website so far. Thanks to you I solved my problem and I have a job now but in spite of that I always like to read about other job offers. At the beginning of 2011 I was in a difficult situation. I was 54 after a year of sick leave and I couldn't find a job in my profession (economist) - at that time I remembered my child's dream to work with children and I found first your web page and then a great family that considers me their surrogate grandmother. I was working there for a year and then I moved to their friends where I have stayed till now and am very happy there - but, the children are growing fast, leaving for kindergarten and so I am forced again to do another step and so I follow your job offers with a new hope - thank you on my behalf and I wish you luck in the job that you do and that is very meaningful ... thank you ... V.

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