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An au-pair, a babysitter or a nanny will take care of your child reliably throughout the whole day or just in the evenings, they will take children to their afternoon clubs, pick them up from pre-school or take care of them when they are sick. Choose from our list and contact a babysitter according to your requirements.: Pata, with rating, regularly the whole day, Czech, from the newest

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  • Dominika M.
    • 21 years
    • 5 years of experience
    5.00 - 12.00 €/hour
    Dobrý deň :) Som študentka VŠ v anglickom meste Birmingham, mám ukončené stredoškolské vzdelanie na španielskom bilingválnom gymnáziu. Ponúkam opatrovanie detičiek či už u Vás alebo u mňa. Okrem opatrovania,ponúkam...