Gift voucher: Give more time to others



Unburden your loved ones from home duties. Give them a gift voucher with which a gifted one can choose from a wide range of household helpers.
The gift voucher also works as an attractive employee benefit.
Length of membership: 12 months Unlimited contacts Posting of adverts: unlimited Price per month: 4 € Order for 48 €
A useful gift for loved ones

A voucher will please your wife, sister, mother, friend or colleague.

Attractive benefit for company's employees

One year subscription on our site is an attractive benefit for employees of your company.

Voucher validity lasts for one year from receiving the payment to account.

Send a suggestion for a Domelia Benefit to your employer
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Just imagine a situation when your employees have found themselves in an unexpected situation in which they need a helping hand, i.e. when they haven't got anyone to babysit their children, or they haven't managed to clean the flat, or they couldn't take care of their parents. Help your employees to find solutions in these unexpected situations. Give them the advantages of a new type of employee's benefit - a membership at website.

3 easy steps to obtain Domelia as a benefit for your employees

  1. Order a required number of Gift Vouchers
  2. After payment we will send you the Gift Vouchers with unique codes by e-mail
  3. Afterwards, you are able to distribute the Gift Vouchers among your employees – they will need them when ordering a membership. After entering the unique code, they will get a 100% discount on a year membership

Advantages for employees

  • access to 4 100 verified profiles of people living in Slovakia
  • calendar of availability displayed in each profile
  • evaluations from households and companies that have already used the services of these helping hands

Advantages for the company

  • the cost for the purchase of the benefit can be put into the company's cost
  • the payment of the benefit can be paid from the social fund
  • happy employees

Domelia is part of the following benefit systems in Slovakia
  • Benefit Plus
  • Edenred