Helpers: Malacky (district) 2

A helping hand is always needed for cleaning, washing, ironing, maintaining your garden or house, but also for walking your dog or taking care of your cat. Just choose from our list and contact a helping hand according to your requirements.: Malacky (district), 6 years experience and above, Hungarian, with a profile picture

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  • Lívia P.
    • 55 years
    • 6+ years of experience
    8.00 - 20.00 €/hour
    Mam dlhoročné skúsenosti v hoteloch aj v domácnostiach s upratovaním aj pomáha im v domácnosti Referencie: Robila som v zahraničí v hoteloch a penziónoch
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  • Martina V.
    • 36 years
    • 6+ years of experience
    8.00 - 10.00 €/hour
    S domacim upratovanim som pomahal dlhodobo svojim starym rodicom. Obcas ked bolo treba tak som im zbehla aj na nakup.