Renata V. - Babysitting

  • 43 years
  • 6+ years of experience
  • 7.00 - 10.00 €/hour
    57% response rate to messages, 3 days average response time
Slovak language, English language
List of locations where he/she works
Age of children
0 - 1 year; 1 - 3 years; 3 - 6 years; 6 - 10 years
Maximum number of children
Tolerates pets
Provides social services under Act No. 448/2008
Average profile rating 2
Rating's comments from households:
Juliet K., jún 2018
Renata, worked for us as a sitter to our 5 year old son. My son enjoyed her company and always looked forward to Ms. Renata coming to stay with him. Renata was always able to entertain my son so he was happy with her and not missing us while we were out. Renata always arrived on time, cheerful and ready… Show more 
Amanda S., jún 2018
Renata took care of our children for several years while we lived in Bratislava. She was 100% reliable, punctual, practical, kind, and professional. She always managed the children in the most reasonable manner. I trust her completely and recommend her without reservation. She is a true gem!
Experience description
Dobrý deň. Volám sa Renata.Pracujem ako asistentka učiteľky v Britskej Medzinárodnej škole. Hovorím slovensky a anglicky. Milujem prácu s deťmi, napĺňa ma a baví. Rada tvorím, vyrábam, posledných pár rokov som sa venovala Boogie Mites, Je to hravá forma výučby anglického jazyka formou pesničiek spojených s pohybom. Som tiež skúsená kuchárka, nerobí mi problém príprava akýchkoľvek jedál. Som nekonfliktná, flexibilná a šťastná mama 2 krásnych detí. V prípade potreby môžem poskytnúť referencie.
Frequency of babysitting
  • regularly the whole day
  • regularly in mornings
  • regularly in the afternoons and evenings
Place of babysitting
  • in the place of the household residence seeking a helper
  • at helper's place (service provider's place)
Provides the following services beside babysitting
  • cooking, baking
  • serving meals
  • putting children to bed
  • walks and playground supervision
  • help with homework
  • taking kids to freetime activities and trainings
  • serving medicine
  • providing first aid
  • taking care of pets
  • cleaning the child's bedroom
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • grocery shopping
Can provide help with
  • asthma
  • alimentary allergy
  • diabetes
  • frequent children's illnesses
  • atopic eczema
  • child hyperactivity
Additional skills
  • singing
  • art and crafts
  • creative approach to children
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