Senior or Disabled caregivers: Prievidza 1

A caregiver who takes care of a senior - grandpa, grandma, disabled or an otherwise suffering family member is fully at your disposal for assistance with nursing or palliative care at home. Choose from our list and contact a caregiver, a personal or a work assistant according to your requirements.: Prievidza, only helper profiles, 6 years experience and above, Spanish

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  • Anna M.
    • 45 years
    • 6+ years of experience
    4.00 - 7.00 €/hour
    Dobrý deň,mám zdravotnícke vzdelanie.Pracovala som v domove dôchodcov,doopatrovala som rodičov.V prípade potreby Vám viem pomôcť s opaterou o vašich blízkych.
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