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Ovláda jazyky
anglický jazyk
Zoznam lokalít, kde pracuje
Úroveň učiva
vysoká škola
Max. počet žiakov
Akceptuje zvieratá
Popis skúseností
As to my formal academic background, I must say that I am a third-year student of Pharmacy studying at Comenius University, Bratislava. I also have a rich background in studying English language for several years at private language institutes.
Regarding my job experience, it should be stated that I have worked as a tutor and taught English to kids and teenagers for three years during which I noticed that I have a genuine interest and knack for teaching young learners.
To teach effectively, particular skills as well as personality features are required. In this regard, students will find me a very patient teacher with a high control over my stress and anger. My communicational skills are unrivaled as years of experience clearly showed me that I can develop a strong rapport with my students. To add, I always try to be creative in the way I present materials and reflect on my teaching practice afterwards. To me, appropriate timing and classroom management techniques really matter, for no content can be duly delivered in case it is untimely and the atmosphere is not supportive. Last but not least, I am quite hardworking and perseverant enabling me to work for long hours without complaining.
Frekvencia doučovania
  • pravidelne
  • nepravidelne (príprava na prijímačky, monitor)
Miesto doučovania
  • v mieste bydliska domácnosti, ktorá hľadá výpomoc
  • v mieste bydliska pomocníka (poskytovateľa služby)
Doučuje predmety
  • chémia
  • biológia
  • cudzí jazyk
    • anglický jazyk
Pridané zručnosti
  • spev
  • tanec
  • výtvarné umenie
  • šport a trénovanie
  • pedagogické vzdelanie, prax
Kalendár pracovnej dostupnosti
  Po Ut Str Št Pi So Ne
6 - 10
10 - 14
14 - 18
18 - 22
22 - 6