Xenia D. - Babysitting

  • 55 years
  • 6+ years of experience
  • 8.00 - 12.00 €/hour
    82% response rate to messages, 2 days average response time
Slovak language, English language, German language, Russian language
List of locations where he/she works
Bratislavský kraj
Age of children
0 - 1 year; 1 - 3 years; 3 - 6 years; 6 - 10 years; 10 years and more
Maximum number of children
Tolerates pets
Provides social services under Act No. 448/2008
Average profile rating 3
Rating's comments from households:
Nikoleta G., máj 2019
Xenia opatrovala nasu dvojrocnu dcerku. Ma uzasny vztah k detom, dokaze si ich velmi rychlo ziskat. Krmenie aj uspavanie zvladla uplne super. Je velmi spolahliva a zodpovedna. Urcite ju vrelo odporucame.
Anna S., jún 2017
Rada by som Xeniu ohodnotila ako skvelu opatrovatelku. Je plna dobrej nalady a vzdy vie zvladnut situaciu, vie prist ked je treba a da sa s nou dohodnut. Patri k ludom co to co robia robia so srdcom a to ja si cenim. :)
Experience description
Dobry den, som mila, trpezliva, s bohatymi skusenostami ohladom starostlivosti o deti a domacnost, dobre varim, mam dobry pristup k detom, som spolahliva . Hovorim plynule AJ aj prekladam, mierne NJ a zaklady mam v RJ. Tesim sa na moznost starat sa o male aj veacsie deti.

S pozdravom
Xenia Dom

To all whom concerns,

I am positive and creative person who likes to take care of the children. I have lot of experience and have already taken care of babies from the birth till 5 years old. I love to travel, I am fluent in English and Slovak is my native Language . I speak German but not well, and passively understand Russian.
Very kind Regards

Anna S.
Frequency of babysitting
  • regularly the whole day
  • regularly in mornings
  • regularly in the afternoons and evenings
  • occasionally or irregularly
  • work on shifts
Place of babysitting
  • in the place of the household residence seeking a helper
Provides the following services beside babysitting
  • cooking, baking
  • serving meals
  • putting children to bed
  • walks and playground supervision
  • help with homework
  • taking kids to freetime activities and trainings
  • driving the kids in a car
  • taking care of a frequently sick child
  • serving medicine
  • providing first aid
  • cleaning the child's bedroom
  • cleaning the kitchen
  • grocery shopping
Can provide help with
  • asthma
  • alimentary allergy
  • diabetes
  • frequent children's illnesses
  • atopic eczema
  • child hyperactivity
Additional skills
  • singing
  • art and crafts
  • creative approach to children
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